About Me


Tara Jazdwzeski is a native resident of the US West Coast where she is in a non-traditional family. Presently, she is majoring in Psychology and Business at Eastern Washington University.

During her teenaged years, Tara was faced with a combination of mental health issues and learning difficulties. To navigate these challenges, she turned to dancing. In the studio, she found a safe space up to six nights a week. In her words, “Dance gave me purpose and friends and a reason to fight through that tumultuous time.”

Having set out to create a relatable blog for 18-35 year-old medically complex moms called Medically Complex Momma, Tara instead created alljazdup.com were she could talk about her journey as a medically complex person and parent of medically complex children, about being polyamorous, and about being in consensually non-monogamous relationships.

Tara hopes to humanize marginalized communities through this site. To those who think they are too far outside the norm, she says, “I’m here. I’m vulnerable. I’m relatable. Let’s open up a conversation.”

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Alexandra Rose is a fantasy writer, professional editor, and public relations specialist who grew up in Northern Michigan where her imagination ran free. From an early age, she was both creative-minded and gender non-conforming. By age 17, Alexa knew she was trans, but as this was the late 90s and the national conversation was different, coming out was a step too far for her.

Between work, college, and the military, Alexa slowly found her way to coming out. She traveled the world, was stationed across the US, and developed the many professional skills that are now central to her creative life. Alexa identifies as transgender, sapphic, and demisexual, and she continues to explore her identity and what it means to her.

Alexa’s novels and short fiction center around trans and cis lesbian characters. This was not a planned choice. Rather, these are the stories that demand to be told.  Through her fiction and her blogs, Alexa hopes to help others explore their writing and identity.

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Tiffany Putenis is a writer, editor, insurance adjuster, wife, and mother who grew up on the East Coast. She is an empath who is passionate about helping others, and she is especially caring toward her family. In her professional life, she sees people at their worst and strives to help them, and in her personal life, she works hard to keep her family healthy and happy.

Tiff’s resolve has carried her through several life-altering events. Her first marriage would become the greatest challenge in her life. She would go on to survive childbirth complications, blood clots, a car accident, and a broken ankle, which happened just nine days before her second wedding.

Tiff has created a home built on trust, love, and acceptance. Cooking is one of her largest passions. And yes, she has a secret ingredient in the kitchen. 

You can find Tiff on Twitter.