The Year of The Wild Woman – My Journey

.August 20 – My 33rd Birthday and Day 1 of the Year of the Wild Woman

Wild Woman is an archetype that was brought to popular culture in the book: Women Who Run With Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype By Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

This Archetype is something I have longed to connect with for years, and yet has been elusive. This is how I decided to start my Year of The Wild Woman.

The last few years have been tumultuous at best, and I have tried hard to keep calm and carry on. Struggling without a village, without the proper supports, without a lot. I often found myself drowning in the lacking. 

Yesterday, after another series of pain and let down, I took off to the lake, to the first overnight alone – without my kids for the first time in years. 

As I sat out by the water and watched the sun set, I embraced the symbolism of that moment. The sun was setting on this season of life, this year of chaos, relationships, things that no longer served me, disconnectedness, pain. 

Here is my post about it on my Instagram

Coming back home, I felt calm. I have found a sense of peace I haven’t experienced in a long time. 

I continued to think, and process. Discuss revelations with trusted friends. 

The Decision:

Mid day I texted Soleil, my trusted best friend and spiritual partner. I asked if he remembered 2 years ago when I had started researching Wild Woman. He did, and readily agreed it’s time to revisit the concept. I think now is the perfect time to really dig in and explore what it means to be a wild woman and how to embrace this part of me. 

Lately, I have been struggling with faith and to feel connected to the Divine. So my hope is that this will challenge me to reconnect and lean in. 

While browsing pinterest, I found another amazing woman doing a year of Wild Woman, Cindy and I was thrilled to see that she had connection to the moon, and we chose the same song! I am excited to read through her blog and learn from the path she has taken this year. 

Some thoughts I shared with Soleil, as we embark on this year of wildness:

  1. I want to learn from many different women, cultures, practices, and religions
  2. I want to protect those I am learning from, ensuring we do not appropriate anything, particularly the Roma and Travelers (often called slurs) which I have witnessed co-opted by white women spiritualists
  3. I want to embrace MY path, with my magic and my culture
  4. I want to challenge myself to get outside more. We have been cooped up so much with quarantine, and I want to aim for at least 1000 hours outside between now and my next birthday 
  5. I want to spend more time with my female friends and meeting more like minded women. 

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